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Sugar Hill The Mighty Cuinn


DOB: April 28, 2020

E/e,n/Z, n/PSSM1, N/N FIS

Sire: Sir Royal Fortune of Kastle Rock

Dam: WFR Sugar Hills Teagan

The arrival of Cuinn, the enchanting silver dapple mare, has cast a spell of wonder and excitement upon our stables. With her ethereal appearance and gentle nature, she is a true gem among horses. Her glistening coat, adorned with intricate dappling patterns, seems to shimmer like stardust in the sunlight, captivating all who gaze upon her. Cuinn’s graceful movements exude an air of regal elegance, and her flowing mane and tail add to her majestic allure. Beyond her striking looks, Cuinn’s affectionate and sociable temperament has quickly endeared her to both humans and fellow equine companions. With her joining our equestrian family, a new chapter of enchantment and companionship unfolds, and we are filled with anticipation for the memorable journeys we will embark upon together.

Misty's 2015 colt Flynn