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Meadowbrook's Bantam Boden
Meadowbrook's Bantam Boden

DOB: April 29, 2023

Black & White Tobiano

Sire: SD The Conquerer

Dam: SD Gypsy Roma

Boden, a lively and future Gypsy stallion, is a striking Black & White Tobiano Mini Gypsy Vanner. With his miniature stature and captivating coat pattern, he instantly captures the hearts of all who meet him. Boden’s bold black patches artfully interspersed with pristine white give him a unique and eye-catching appearance. Despite his young age, he exudes confidence and curiosity, fearlessly exploring his surroundings with boundless energy. His silky mane and tail flow like a gentle breeze, adding to his charm and allure. With an affectionate nature and a playful spirit, Boden is sure to become a cherished companion and a source of joy to those fortunate enough to have him in their lives.

Meadowbrook's Bantam Boden