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LFG Barbary Gold aka "Rhett"

GHRA #A00003556


DOB: August 02, 2022

SIRE: Hermits Harlequin Moon

Dam: Lonestars Lil Flare

Aa, nCr, Ee, PSSM1 and FIS negative

Solid Golden Buckskin colt with 4 black feet

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome this stunning young colt into our beloved Meadowbrook family, as well as to our highly anticipated Buckskin lineage. The addition of this gorgeous boy signifies the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for us. With his remarkable features and exceptional lineage, the future holds immense potential for both our breeding program and the legacy of our Buckskin line. Excitement fills the air as we embark on this new chapter, eagerly anticipating the remarkable journey that awaits us. The possibilities truly are endless!

Rhett will be gelded on June 11, 2024. If anyone is interestd in him as a colt please reach out before he is gelded.
LFG Barbary Gold aka Rhett