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WHR The Humble Hugo
WHR The Humble Hugo

DOB: May 25, 2023

Sire: GVR Er's Pilot By Latcho

EE,TT, PSSM! and FIS neg.

Meet the humble Hugo, a magnificent Black & White Piebald Gypsy Horse that enchants with every graceful stride. With his striking coat adorned in contrasting patches of ebony and ivory, Hugo epitomizes the timeless allure of the Gypsy Horse breed. His flowing mane dances in the breeze as his feathered hooves elegantly tread the earth, casting a spell of enchantment wherever he goes. But beyond his stunning appearance, Hugo possesses a gentle and affectionate demeanor that endears him to all who cross his path, embodying the essence of equine magnificence and companionship.

WHR The Humble Hugo