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Unique Giant's Dolce
Unique Giant's Dolce

Our Shire Mare Shipped from Denmark


Dolce, our exceptional mare, has been making incredible strides in her training and development. She is currently train and doing wonderful in walk, trot, and cantor.

It is worth noting that Dolce holds a significant distinction, being the first Dutch Shire to enter the United States. This unique and rare lineage adds an extra layer of prestige and exclusivity to her already impressive repertoire. The future holds immense promise for Dolce as she possesses the potential to excel in various disciplines. Whether it be in performance, as a breeding mare for Gypsy Drums, or exploring new avenues, her versatility is truly awe-inspiring.

Dolce foaled out Gabbana, the blood bay filly on April 03, 2023. She spent the summer doing W,T,C under saddle at Ballentine Dressage.

Dolce is for sale.

Unique Giant's Dolce