Meadowbrook Gypsies


Each and every one of my horses holds a very dear spot in my heart.

So I dont take selling my horses lightly. They are sold to only special  homes where they will be cared for and loved above anything else. Each  new family is strictly looked over to assure of their well being. So when I  say SOLD I am happy and secure in the knowledge of my 4 legged  family/children/friends going to their new homes with amazing people.

Please help me in Congratulating the wonderful new owners and families of my horses!


Meadowbrook's Mischief Maker aka "LOKI" new barn name to be "PUCK"

Congratulations to  Lynsey & Tom Goddard

Meadowbrook's Fearless Flynn to Daniele Whitney

Meadowbrook's McJaeger to Erin & Richard Simon


Meadowbrook's Royal Glory 


Glory has been sold to an incredible lady Colleen who will be using her in Pediatric Hipotherapy, the perfect job for Glory! So proud of her

Macayla of Kings Valley to Chris Baehnman

Liberty Friesian Mare to Chris Baehnman

Meadowbrooks Master Macaine


Macaine is having the life with his amazing  attentive mom Patricia

Meadowbrook's Midnight Rockin Bach

Bach is living it up with his new family Irene Watson


Meadowbrook's Gigi of Cushti Bok

Is having the life of leisure in Texas being cared

for and continuing her amazing blood lines with

Allison Lively


The incredible Beauty Meadowbrook's Eliment

of Sir Prize. 

And yes of course I consider her nothing but

spectactular as she is out of my Pride and Joy

Meadowbrook's Sir Prize" 

"Eli" is now owned and loved dearly living in Ny

with Robin Skaskiw


Meadowbrook's McJaeger

A Stunning boy from our fabulous bay Gypsy

Mare, Carriage Creek Daragon,

Again to Erin and Richard Simon of CT.

I'm thinking they love our breeding program. As

this id the second bay they have purchased

from us to add to their family. We are honored

to have them with us .



Meadowbrook Gypsies LLC,.

Tasha Landman

Po Box 628

Townshend, VT. 05353