Sterling's Midnight Keira ofLondon

Keira is my 2010 mare from 

Lloyds of London X Meadowbrook Misty

a British Sterling grandaughter.

She carries Ee, no tobiano. 

Kiki has done is again. Producing perfection!!

Please say a huge hello to the adorable

"Meadowbrook's Christmas Melody"

Born Dec 23rd 2018


Maestro X Kiki



Cadence Kiki's 2017 colt by Maestro.

Kiki and Meadowbrooks Holy Knight 2015 colt




Sterlings "Midnight Keira" of London,

 Keira is an incredibly compact proper gypsy cob mare. From our Gypsy mare

Meadowbrook Misty x Lloyd's of London.


DOB: Feb 17th 2010

      Meadowbrook Misty    x   Lloyd's of Lodon