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Meadowbrook's Odin of the Duke
Meadowbrook's Odin of The Duke

DOB: April 16, 2023

Sire: RWF The Duke of Running Winds

Dam: Alexis of Lexlin

EE, nT, PSSM! and FIS neg.

Meadowbrook’s Odin of the Duke stands as a proud testament to the majestic lineage of the Gypsy Horse breed. Born from the esteemed pairing of RWF The Duke of Running Winds and Alexis of Lexlin, Odin embodies the finest qualities of his renowned ancestry. With his striking black and white piebald coat, Odin commands attention wherever he roams, his regal presence a reflection of his esteemed heritage. As he gracefully traverses the meadows, his lineage is evident in every elegant stride and flowing mane, a true embodiment of equine excellence and grace.

Meadowbrook's Odin of the Duke