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Meadowbrook's Luxe Gabbana
Meadowbrook's Luxe Gabbana

DOB: April 03, 2023

Drum Horse, Half Danish Shire , half Gypsy Vanner

Sire: The Kings Charmer "Strider" (Gypsy Vanner)

Dam: Uniqu Giants Dolce (Danisg Shire Mare)

Gabbana is a magnificent solid blood bay Drum Horse, an enchanting blend of Danish Shire and Gypsy Vanner heritage. With a strikingly deep reddish-brown coat that glistens under the sun, Gabbana commands attention wherever she goes. Her imposing size, inherited from her Shire lineage, is complemented by the elegance and grace characteristic of Gypsy Vanners. Known for her gentle and affectionate disposition, Gabbana is a true gentle giant, captivating hearts with her kind eyes and endearing personality. Whether she’s impressing with her powerful strides or showcasing her exceptional temperament, Gabbana is a true testament to the beauty and versatility of mixed breeds in the equine world.