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Rivers Edge Sebastian


About Us

We specialize in European Lines.
All DNA testing is done with wisdom panel and UC Davis.
Our kittens are raised in a family environment with dogs, farm animals and lots of family and friends interactions. Our cats and kittens are healthy with strong pedigreed and long healthy lines. We love to meet each of our kitten’s new families and are happy to have you come here for Pick Up. Parents test and Pedigrees can be viewed on their indiviual pages on our website.


There will be an adoption process/ Application to be approved for potential buyers. We reserve the right to refuse the placement of a kitten at anytime.Once the application is approved a you may be put on a waiting list. I will not take deposits until kittens are at least 3-6 weeks old when all testing is done. Once deposits are made they are non refundable.  Deposits will be $200.00 for unregistered and $500.00 for registered .All but one of our Maine Coons are CFA and/or WCF Registered. One is currently not but she is purebred. 

Pricing varies. Registered Kittens start at $2200.00-$5500.00. Unregistered are $1000.00-$1500.00. All kittens will come with two sets of up to date shots, contract spay/neuter agreement, de-worming , microchipped and registered. You will receive your registrations once we receive documentation from your vet the kitten has been spayed/neutered. %-6 months for females and 8-9 months for males. If you want a breeding cat it will be an extra cost of $1000.00 for registered kittens only. Unregistered kittens will not be sold for breeding. Kittens may not be declawed. We would like the kittens to be indoor cats only, if you want them to go outside they should be placed in an enclosure or on a leash with a harness. The kitten must receive regular care by a veterinarian, including proper vaccines. Kittens should receive a high-quality, high -protein diet (not-fish). Kittens will be available to go to their new homes at 12-14 weeks, after 2nd round of vaccines. We will send weekly photos and videos for you kitten until scheduled pick up.

 Delivery is not included in the purchase price. We do not ship our kittens; however we are located a couple of hours from Bradley International Airport and Albany International Airport (for an additional fee we can meet you with your kitten). Otherwise you will need to schedule for pick in person at our home in Townshend Vt.
 One year Health guarantee. We do not offer refunds but if a fatal medical condition should arise within the first year that has been determined by a vet that the cause existed from birth we will offer a replacement kitten. No refund. If the buyer for some reason cannot keep the kitten/cat the seller MUST be notified. The seller has first right of refusal. If the seller cannot take the kitten/cat back, we will make every effort to help find a home for the kitten/cat. NO kitten or cat can be surrendered to a shelter.