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Maestro of Brakenhills

DOB: 2007

EE, PSSM1 and FIS ng.​

13.2 Hands Tall

Maestro, our remarkable 2007 Gypsy Stallion, is a true masterpiece of equine magnificence. Standing at an elegant 13.2 hands tall, he commands attention with his regal presence and captivating beauty. His flowing hair, a signature trait of the Gypsy breed, adds an ethereal touch to his already enchanting appearance. Beyond his physical allure, Maestro’s sweet and gentle disposition sets him apart as a cherished member of our equestrian family. His calm demeanor and willingness to connect with humans make him a joy to be around, whether in the show ring or during quiet moments in the pasture. Maestro is not just a horse; he’s a living work of art, a symbol of grace, and an embodiment of the special bond between humans and horses.

"MAESTRO'"  Tasha Landman - Meadowbrook Gypsies