Welcome to Meadowbrook Gypsies!

We have select family raised, quality Gypsy

Vanners available, as well as stallion services

to approved mares. We also breed a few of our family/farm

Nigerian Dwarf goats.

They are always great fun and another reason to come visit our farm!

I should also mention our three miniature donkeys, (Coco, Lulu & Opal) Our pardoned  


(Frick & Frack)and of course the farm greeters (Clyde, Tracer&Zues).

We love visitors, but please schedule an appointment!

tjac7@yahoo.com / 802-380-0633

























 When I sell a horse, adult or

foal I look very closely into the family asking to

purchase. My horses are my family. They are

raised hands on daily with a select group of

wonderful people, who have only their best

interest in mind.

So when I say SOLD it is not done lightly. I have

a contract that covers my horses need to be love

and cared for unconditionally.

We welcome visitors by Appointment ONLY!!





All of our foals are raised with daily hands on,

loving attention.




We want to thank the Happy new owners of all

our horses

that have been sold .

We take pride to be sure our babies, new and

old are going

to loving, caring homes that will help them both

grow in the















































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